That's a load off my mind.

As I mentioned before, the father of one of my students asked me to have workshops for TOEIC test the other day. His company requires its employees to take the test regularly, and they have to get the scores given by their company or more.

Yesterday I met his wife, then she said he got the score given by his company!!! How amazing! He didn't manage to have enough time for studying English due to his work; nevertheless, he endeavored to learn the tips for the test.
His efforts exactly bore fruit. :D I was very happy to hear that. It was true, at the same time, hearing that he got the score took a load off my mind. lol In fact I felt somewhat pressure while we were having the workshops....haha^^;

Anyway, this challenge actually spurred him on to improve his English skills. When I learned of his motivation, I felt fulfilled as an English teacher.


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Thank you for replying. :D

Yeah, you can say that again. So do I. Actually, he had to go away on business; nevertheless, he did it. I was really amazed. ;D

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Sorry, Rosily... I forgot your situation with your company when I posted my last message, althouth you eplained to me before...

Thank you for letting me know about what points his company demands its emploees to get. Their environment sounds very severe. They have to work hard, study hard, help their family... I really look up to them. It'd be nice for you to help those people improve their English, regardless of type (class or workshop).

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Thank you for your comment, yuko san.

Well, I wish I could have classes for TOEIC, but my company doesn't have these classes. That's why we, its employees, must not give any lessons for the test to anyone who are not my students under our contracts even though I'm eager to have the lessons...It seems somewhat complicating, though... I hope you'll get it....
That's why this time we decided to have workshops together.
If the father wants me to give the workshops again, he has to enter my class. If so, I can accommodate him with his requests.

As for the scores, it depends on its departments. According to him, the departments related to overseas requires over 650 or more, other departments unrelated to overseas requires over 550 or more. The required scores will be raised next year, he said.

Anyway, whether the required score is high or low, I know achieving the goals they're aiming is hard, and needs a lot of efforts.
I really respect his efforts.^^

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素晴らしい! It was proved that Rosily is very talented as an English teacher. You could open another class to focus on the Toeic test. Think about it seriously.
By the way, what points at least did his company require him to get? My company's employees have no obligation to get a high score for him or her to get promoted.

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