Halloween party is just around the corner.

I'm supposed to have Halloween party at my class this Saturday. I've been preparing for the party with enjoyment.

The party is an annual event at my class, and my students and their parents have been looking forward to it. To add to my students, I've invited their friends to let them know what my class is like. That's why a large number of participants take part in the party every year.
To please them to their hearts' content, I've come up with several games with a twist. hehe

I hope they'll get excited and the party will prompt them to start learning English. :D


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Yes! Bingo! Yoko san :D
I've posted an article about the party as you said.
I was very happy to meet my students' friends who touched English for the first time . I hope they enjoyed themselves.
Thanks to their parents, the party was juiced up more than I had expected. lol
I can say Halloween party is biggest event in my lessons.

Well, oh, you read? Thank you for your warm comment! Even if I didn't post my comment, she must have understand what I wanted to mean because she's a well-educated mom.

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How did your party go? I'm sure it was fantastic. I believe your next article will be a report on your haloween party. As I am thinking about haloween, I ' m in the mood for eating something relating to pumpkins. I might buy pumpkin puddings or similar things today???

By the way, the latest message you posted in P san's blog was nice. I can easily imagine how hard you worked at your previous company. That's why you were able to give P' san very considerate words.

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