A large number of participants!!!

As I mentioned, I held Halloween party at my class yesterday. There were twenty three kids, ranging from two to eleven in age. (There were their parents as well.)

At the beginning of the party, they tried to react along with my direction such as "sit down", "point to the ceiling". And then, we played charades. They seemed to relax and enjoy themselves.

We moved on to the next game, Finding differences. I separated them into two teams, each team memorized the appearances of members of the another team and every inch of the decorations in the room. Then, I changed several parts of them, including their costumes, for example, I turned over a few posters hanging on the wall.
They were excited to find the differences. ;)
After that, we played bingo. As you may know, it is always fun for us. :D

After a few other games, we got down to reading riddles. I had made some riddles so that the kids and their parents could guess them together.
This time I had attached a few directions which were written in English to the riddles. Some of them seemed to confuse them, and they threw their hands up.hehehe

At the end of the party, it might have been the most exciting time for the kids, "Trick or Treat!". haha

Some of the kids hadn't contacted with English or met people who speak English all the time like me for the first time. At first they didn't seem to understand what I said, of course, and they looked a little nervous. However at the end of the party they tried to say "Good Bye!", "See you!" or "Thank you, bye!" with big smiles on their faces. :D
I hope the party has provided much motivation to learn English....


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Hi, yuko san
Thank you for your comment.
As you may know, boys like your son's age are relatively not interested in the party.
In fact, a few boys of my students, all of whom are the upper grade, were absent from the party..

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Thank you very much for telling us how the party went. It sounded exciting. I wanted to take part in the "Trick ot treat"section at least, becuase I still like to do what children love to.

I bought a small precut pumpkin today. Eating this, I may try to hold a special party by myself secretly. Neither my husband nor my son seem to be interested in haloween...

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