The school outing

Yesterday I took part in my son's school outing. I had wavered between going for the outing and passing it up. However, the destination of the lower graders, including my son, wasn't so far on foot, so I decided to participate in it.

It wasn't bad weather although I felt a little chilly. We started according to plan.
The mother of one of my son's close friends took part in the outing as well, so we enjoying going for the outing and having a natter. When we had lunch, the mother showed me the souvenirs from France such as a few kinds of flavored rock salt and flavored tea which she gave me some of. According to her, her sister very often goes abroad, to France in particular, and she has just come back to Japan.

We very enjoyed the outing without any troubles. After that I headed for the community center where I teach English. I had to give my lessons in the late afternoon. Luckily the lessons were for the upper graders, so I didn't need to use unnecessary energy. haha

I had expected I would be exhausted, but I didn't feel like that. Lucky me! ;D


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I was also surprised I didn't feel tiredness. lol

Oh! You exercised!? Sounds good^^ I'm sure you refreshed after that. Right? Keep at it!

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Wow! You gave some English lessons after your outing!
I couldn't do that, because my physical stamina is poor.
I might want to exercise more.
Yesterday, I went to an indoor swimming pool, but I just walked in water.
I no longer can swim even only five meters...
What a shame...

応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


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