To find his presents

Every December I am swamped with chores such as meetings at my company and desk jobs besides my regular lessons.

This morning I took part in a meeting at my company. After that, I went back to home right away because I had to prepare for my son's birthday 'event'. Yes, today was my son's 7th birthday!
This year his birthday fell on the middle of the week. It meant I didn't have all day....As such I had prepared an elaborate 'plan' for him little by little.

As I had to give my lessons as usual, I gave some 'missions' to my son: That was to read the riddles I had prepared to find his birthday presents. Yes, He was a man on a mission. lol

Here's the story....
I had hidden the presents in my house before he came back home from school. When I was ready to go for my lessons, I gave the riddles to him. While I was giving my lessons, he had to read the riddles and find his presents! lol
Finishing today's lessons, I gave him a call. Then, I said "Did you find your presents?"
He said, "Mom, I couldn't find the last present........"
Gee, I had guessed it would be easy as pie for him.^^; Right away I went back home, and gave hints to him. Then, finally he found the last one. After that, he seemed in the seventh heaven. haha

Well, I wonder if it has been engraved into his good memories....


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Than you for your comment.

I hope he enjoyed reading the reddles and finding the presents. :D
Anyway, preparing for the event made me exhauseted, but I felt fulfilled. lol


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First of all, let me say "Happy birthday to your son!"

I love this article very much. It is very nice that you prepared more than one present for your son. Besides, you worked hard to give him an unforgettable memory through your amazing riddles.

If my son's birthday were in December, his birthday present would become his Christmas present, too. ><

It seems that your business is going well. I'm very proud that someone like you is one of my friends.

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