Is it high time to rent for my OWN room?

I teach English to my students at a community center. When I started the current job, there were only few students, so renting for the room at a community center was reasonable. I know, of course, the rental fee is different, depending on cities, though.
As you may know, I have to arrange the time and day when it come to renting the room. If other lessons such as a cram school, a calligraphy class fall on the time I want to take, I must find alternatives to the time and day.

I rent for the room four days a week, and I have so far managed to squeeze all my lessons into the days. Luckily the number of my students has been increasing, so it seems to be getting hard to take the room whenever I want.
Some suggest I teach English at a small apartment, but I know it full well that I can't afford to pay for the rent yet....
Uh....What should I do?



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Yeah, in fact I've thought the way you suggested. However, I thought twice doing that. I'll need five days for my lessons, so if the partner has the same job as mine, our schedules absolutely conflict with each lesson. Even if the partner's job is different, I'll bother his or her business as I use CDs and speak English loudly..^^;

Only the way I might be able to address is sharing the room with my mother. She's a nursery school teacher and will retire soon, so we can start a new business: she cares for kids and I teach English there.

Anyway, if the rental fee is equivalent to the cost I rent for a small apartment, I might as well get down to finding the room I can do my business.

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Hi! I think you can share a room with somebody who has the same purpose. I hope you'll find a solution!

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