The clock struck midnight.

When the clock struck midnight, how did you celebrate the new year?

I bet some made resolutions or expressed intentions, including yours truly, others had a welcome respite with their families.
As for me, I've spent happy holidays with my family and the in-laws at my parents in-law's house.

To get things off to a good start, we visited a few shrines. Here are my "intentions"...(Not resolutions. lol)

1, To keep brushing up on my English
2, To be a self-starter (I'm always trying to be, but I'll be intent on doing that more than usual.)
3, To take TOEIC a few times and get high scores
4, To be on track when it comes to my business

As for my family....

1, To love them more and more
2, To make tasty dishes
3, To make them feel happy
4, To always spend time together with our big smiles



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Hi, Emi san. Happy New Year!

I can bet you've been hooked in Korean culture, its movies and songs in particular, haven't you.

Well, I've just posted my message on your blog, so please check it.

>>Can I give him your blog's information?
Yeah, why not. :D

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Hi there! How did you spend your New Year's Day?
I know you've been busy with your study and work, but you're still in the English workshop マムズ, are'nt you?
There is someone who wants to study English in a workshop. He lives in Fukuoka, and the other day he sent me a message asking me whether he could join us or not. I think マムズ would be fine for him rather than being a member of our English cafe in Saga. Can I introduce マムズ to him? Can I give him your blog's information? Let me know, please. ^^

応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


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