What a nice meeting!

Today I visited a neighboring prefecture to meet up with a friend of mine. She has been enjoying brushing up on her English since she moved there. Now she has been glommed onto Korean as well as English.

As there were snow flurries, I didn't use an express way so as not to have an accident. That's why I was late, but she and her friends welcomed me warmly. There were eight of us today. We got down to introducing about ourselves. Each self-introduction intrigued me a lot and their spontaneous enthusiasm to brush up on their English really inspired me to greater efforts in order to attain an advanced level.

The cafe we had the meeting was a darn nice place. It's not only a cafe, but it also sells hand-crafted and imported goods. During our meeting, many visitors came into the shop to browse or have lunch.

Well, I took part in the meeting for just an hour and half. It sounds insufficient, but I felt fulfilled and decided to move onward and upward along the path I choose. :D


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Hi, Thank you for your comment.
Really!? I think the fee I paid wasn't enough...Sorry, and I'll pay an ordinary fee..

Well, yeah, whenever I have time, I'll visit you again! AND you MUST visit us!! lol

We're looking forward to meeting you!

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Thank you for visiting here! I'm so glad to receive your comment.

Well, don't get me wrong..I'm always making rudimentary mistakes, so I think my English is still poor...^^; In fact, I did those kinds of mistakes during the meeting..haha

Why not! I've added your blog to mine! keep in touch!

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Hi there! It's me. (Who is it???)
Thank you for your email last night. I didn't have time to write you back, sorry... As for the participation fee, no need to worry! It includes all expenses. I'm glad to hear your American English for the first time in...a year??? I utterly feel sorry that we haven't had a chat on Skype. Wait until the time when my husband quits his job. (^^;) I cannot promise yet, but yes, I'll see you all in Fukuoka before going back to Kumamoto.
Let me say again, thank you for coming all the way to meet us!
Bye for now!

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Thank you for visiting the English coffe today.
Not only me but also all of the members that joined today amazed your fluent English and inspired us to brush up our English more and more.

Since you have such a social nature, I mean outgoing person, I can easily get on well with you !!

I want to keep visiting you blog , if I have time. So, keep updating.


応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


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