What an amazing place!

Last Wednesday I contacted a friend of mine to have a natter through Skype.

She used to live in my prefecture and take part in the English workshop we regularly hold, but she moved to Tokyo due to her husband's transfer a few years ago. Since then, we've stayed in touch with each other. Thanks to the smart gizmo -Skype-, whenever we have time, we can contact each other and chat in English to our hearts' content.

During our chat last Wednesday, she told me that she finally found a new apartment in Tokyo. She had been looking for a bigger apartment because her current apartment doesn't have enough space to place her daughter's piano.
The area where she'll move is close to an international school, so many foreigners live there, she said. When she visited there to see the apartment, there were foreign residents and they seemed friendly.

What an enviable place!!! I wish I could live there....lol Anyway, she told me she was apt to be shy (I don't think so at all, though. haha) when it comes to making new friends. I hope she'll make chances to meet new people there.



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Hi, there.
Thank you for visiting here and giving me your comment.
Oh, you think so? Maybe you've yet to meet them so far, I think ;D
There're opportunities around you, I'm sure.

Yeah, she's blessed with her new surroundings. I'm looking forward to talking to her soon.

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Hi! Rosily-san
For me, you live in an enviable place!
It's so hard for us to see English native speakers around here!

Your friend will enjoy socializing with the neighbors on a family basis soon. Lucky family!


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