Aw....impulse buying...

It was wonderful and refreshing today. I had planned to stay at home and relax to recharge my batteries; however, my son was eager to watch the animated film called "Meitantei Konan", which was released yesterday.
He started to pester me to go to see the movie...Maybe the reason why he did like that was because this time the story was based on soccer. He loves soccer....That's why.....
I came up with the idea that my husband would take him to a movie theater and watch it! But, he had been scheduled to play a game of soccer with his teammates during the morning. Well, I thought it might be another refreshing for me. As such I decided to go to see the movie with my son.

After watching the movie, we were hanging around in the shopping mall where the movie theater is located until my husband called me to pick us up.
We dropped in at a book store in the mall. The book store is so large that it would have a good selection of foreign novels, I thought. However, as for the selection, I'm sad to say they didn't have a good selection as much as I had expected. There were a large variety of foreign books such as English text books, magazines or English-English dictionaries, though...

I was looking for intriguing novels. Then, a novel caught my eyes, "The Descendants" . I know the movie based on the book was released before, but I've yet to read the original story. When I flipped it through, it didn't seem hard to read at all. Yes, right away I took it. lol

Anyway, It might be impulse buying, but I'd like to say the book called and captivated me....haha




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Author: VibrantRose TOEIC 925 (2017.4) TESOL認定講師