Give me a break!!

Here's a trifling matter, but my pet peeve.

The midnight on last Friday...

My hubby said, "Oh, I'll have to work tomorrow. And the next day, I'm going to play a game of soccer. Can you ask your parents to take care of our son?"
I said, "Maybe, they'll be alright." (A voice inside my head>> "You SHOULD HAVE told me that sooner! I can't say they'll be absolutely free tomorrow...In addition, I have to rearrange my schedule.")

Last Saturday morning...

I went back and forth between my house and my parents' one, then I got down to my regular lessons. As some may know, every Saturday is my busiest day. I can say as if I were confined in the room all day long. Anyway, when I was having a short recess, I sent the following textmessage to him: "Please make sure of the papers you should bring when you take part in our neighborhood meeting tonight." He said, "Oh! It utterly slipped my mind. Aw, I won't pick up our son to make it to the meeting on time. What's worse, I forgot my house key...." Awwwwwwwwwwww....--;
After my work, right away I went back my home. My hubby managed to make it. Then, I headed for my parents' house to pick up my son.

When we arrived at my house, it was around 9:30. While my hubby was taking part in the meeting, I went to a supermarket to buy some food for dinner. (My son already had dinner at my parents'.) Anyway, finally I lay back and took it easy, having dinner. Then, my hubby got a call from his old friends. You can imagine that he went drinking with them. I wanted him to enjoy and stress out, so I didn't' care about it at all.

Around midnight, I was letting my hair down although my energy was already gone. I was entirely enjoying spending my private time. Then, my hubby came back home earlier than I had expected. He said, "Ah,..... I brought two old friends now. There're in front of the door...Please let them stay the night?"

"WHAT!? NOW? WITHOUT any calling me before you brought them!? I CAN'T believe it, I CAN'T!!!!!!! How self-centered YOU ARE! To add to my work, I was inundated with chores thanks to you ALL DAY LONG!!.............RIGHT....give me 20 minutes to clean up the table and room. Until then, GET OUT RIGHT AWAY!!"

Well, the next day he was forced to do all household chores. Humph!



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Author: VibrantRose TOEIC 935 (2018.4) TESOL認定講師