I wonder why...

As I mentioned before, I've met lots of bloggers, who are interested in English and have been endeavoring to improve their English, through my site.

Whenever I visit their blogs, I try to post my comments except for the case I don't have enough time.
Occasionally, I have a chance to meet a few of them. Then, everyone says, "Oh, I always visit your blog and read some journals." Each time I hear like that, I wonder why they don't post their comments.... At the same time, I'm so sad to hear that.

They may flatter me or my journals may be not enough to intrigue them, though. I don't care at all no matter what ages, careers or English skills. As you know, my English is still not perfect. I'm always making rudimentary mistakes.
If they're reluctant to post their comments in English, they can write them in Japanese. If they are wavering between telling me something and keeping it to themselves, they can check a secret box and click.

I don't want to sound like pessimistic, but nothing makes me sad and downcast than just visiting here without saying anything in spite of frequent visitors...T T


Thank you again!, Emi san
Yeah, kind of. Neither do I...^^;

Anyway, just wondering, and keep doing my job.

I know you can solve this case by yourself! I wrote that because I felt you were down with having few response. Was I in haste, right?
I'm totally with you about this. Some visitors spend their efforts to erase their footprints. Why, why, why??? I don't understand why they did, as you said. They might have a guilty conscience...

Hi, thank you for your quick reply to this journal.

>blogs are something like books to some people.
>But to the others, blogs are something like books. They are unwilling to show up on the Net.

Yes, of course I know, I know. I never require all visitors to post their comments. If they like to just read them as a reading material, yeah, go ahead. (I think I shouldn't compare blogs to books since there's a quite difference between them as you said. In addition, it seems to a little wander away from my point.)

As you mentioned, blogs are one of communication tools. That's my point. The general public can see any blogs and we can say each blogger has their own room to express their opinions, as such there's some etiquette, you know.

Don't get me wrong. Like you, I'm also happy they are curious to just drop in on my site without any words. But it's true there're some blog watchers whose footprints are off even though we've known, and whenever we meet, they say like the above things, but they never ever say on the site even greetings..

Anyway, I'm just wondering, so no big deal... Thank you for sharing your opinion. :D

I know how you feel, but I suppose there's no need to let yourself down. I can say that blogs are something like books to some people. When we read a book, for example, and we get some ideas from it, I guess you might have tons of opinions of both sides. And then what do you usually do? Do you send a message saying "I've just read your book." or "You're wrong!" or "I don't understand you." or "You don't have any right to say so." or "You're perfectly right!"? I guess you won't do these. I suppose you don't try to reach the auther, even if you are against him/her. You can just leave it. You can just read it. Many people consider blogs a thing like a book, I think.
I know there's a big differece between blogs and books. To us, blogs are one of tools to communicate with people or express our own feelings. But to the others, blogs are something like books. They are unwilling to show up on the Net.
I'm glad to have comments on my blog too. I really appreciate it when some people spend time sharing their opinions with me. Having said that, I'm also grateful to readers who've just visit me without words. If they dislike my blog, they don't have to visit me. I think having no opinion doesn't mean the visitors have no interest in your blog. Don't worry. No news means good news. ^^

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