Sports Day!

Yesterday was my son's Sports Day. This time last year, I was disappointed as the special day was postponed due to the bad weather. The day postponed was weekday, so there weren't so many people to cheer up. However, the weather favored this year!

As for Sports Day, it's a good chance for all mothers to show their cooking skills. We bring lunch boxes filled with fancy dishes. Some mothers might think it's bothering or tiresome, though...

Well, last Saturday I got down to precooking for lunch after my work. As I mentioned before, Saturdays are my busiest day in a week, so I'm worn out every Saturday night. But I didn't spare myself for my son's special day! In addition, my parents in-law would come over to see the event, so I prepared a few big lunch boxes.

We spent quality time together all day long, and thanks to them my special lunch boxes were empty!


Thank you for your comment.

Yeah, I watched the big event on TV! Have you ever taken part in it before? I've never done that, so my family and I hope we'll try it sometime. :D we must be excited for sure!

A big hand to a great mother!
On that day, a special sports event was held in a tidal flat in my area. ( We call it "Gatalympics) And high school students enjoyed a big athletic meet all over this prefecture. What a nice day it was!

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