If you were...

It was raining heavily yesterday, so my family decided to go to a shopping mall to hang around. In addition, my son needs a pair of spike shoes and other items such as socks or leg guards for soccer. (He belongs to a soccer club and he has an outfit for soccer. But we need another outfit because his current outfit is getting worn out.)

As we had expected, the parking lot of the mall was almost full as a number of cars were flocking to the mall due to the bad weather.
When we were looking for an open space in the parking lot, I was dumbfounded and annoyed to see a couple park in the priority space for the physically challenged. At the moment, I thought one of them would be a physically challenged person. However, neither they were. I was so disappointed at their behavior as an adult and it was true I looked down on them.

At the same time, however, a question sprang to mind: If I had been near them, could I have told them not to do that? The answer might be NO...I couldn't...
Many people are apt to avoid getting into trouble in the days, and I must admit I'm one of them...
I despised not only them, but also myself... I was a yellow-belly....

If you were, what would do?


Hi, there
Thank you for your warm-hearted comment.

>>Recently, some people suddenly attack others if they are warned about their misbehavior...

Yeah, that's true. How sad!

In fact, my son asked me, "What are you talking, mom?" He didn't seem to understand what was happening at that time. Then, I said, "What do you think about those who are parking in a priority space for the physically challenged?" "What should we do?"
(To induce him to think and act by himself, I make a point of asking his opinions or suggestions about whatever he has questions.)

That was all I could do at that time...

Don't blame yourself. Recently, some people suddenly attack others if they are warned about their misbehavior... In fact, I am yellow-bellied..
I've experienced the same case and my kids asked me "Are they really physically challenged?" I answered, "I don't think so. But, they may be lack of imagination and consideration. I feel sorry for them." I wish I could say so to them face to face...

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