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The news that police finally got down to investigating a junior high school, which a student of the school had committed suicide by jumping from his apartment, have been broadcast recently.

According to the news, the student had been abused by other students for a while and the battered boy wound up killing himself even though he sent SOS's to others and actually talked to his homeroom teacher to help him over and over again.

We can't ignore the case, nor smother the fact. Many parents might have thought what we should do because it wasn't somebody else's problem.
I believe it won't be solved even if we merely punish the students who battered him and blame the teacher or its school. Much to my chagrin, there's bullying here and there. I think we need to create the environment which deters bullying through the strong bonds between our communities and schools and which schoolers regard bullying as a contemptible behavior.

Last but not least, we should raise awareness and mull over it as well.


Thank you for your comment.
Yeah, I couldn't agree with you more. The board of education and school must not hush up even though the system makes them varnish over the truth with a lie.

Some say the boy might not have commited suicide. His classmates are suspected of murder. I am so depressed to know that the boy asked for help many times and his classmates closed their eyes to the bullying. And what was even worse, authorities tried to conceal the facts about the case... They should tell the truth.


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