Left a lot to be desired...

Last Sunday my students, including my son, and their parents took part in the annual summer event, which was organized by our company.

At every summer event, a native English speaker and staff take part in it to make it more fun. Whenever I participate in it, much to my disappointment, it always dismays me.
I don't want to say directly, nor nag I want to, but I'd like to make a clean breast of it: it's always dull!

This time the event had been revamped, (All teachers didn't know the contents until they took part in it.) so I'd hoped it would be better and excite us. Besides, several students of mine took part in the event for the first time. As such I looked forward to it more than before....
It wasn't, however, interesting as ever....^^;

You may ask me what things disappointed me.
First, the decoration. (As if it were a conference room..It was far from a summer event for kids.) Second, the games. They, on the whole, lacked excitement.
I tried to build up their interest and excitement during the games, but I can say the games weren't successful.

Well, I have some ideas for the event, so I'd like to suggest them to our company at the next meeting, which is supposed to be held next Tuesday. If they're turned down, I'll NEVER ever take part in it. Instead, I'll hold my own summer party for my students.



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Author: VibrantRose TOEIC 935 (2018.4) TESOL認定講師