What's your recommendation?

It's in the middle of my son's summer holiday, so we're planning what to do every day besides his homework. We, for example, go swimming in the pool, go shopping and so forth.

These days we're into visiting the library near our house. As such whenever we're free, we drop in at the library.
As I mentioned before, I like mystery books and biographies, so I'm always looking for intriguing stories.

Well, if you have any suggestions, please feel free to tell me. I always welcome either English books or Japanese ones. :D


Thank you for your comment.
Yeah, I know his books! As you mentioned, his explanations are very helpful. Several years ago, I used to watch his programs on NHK.

Well, as for Grammar in Use, you can understand it easily, I'm sure. The explanations are written in English, so I can learn subtle nuances whenever I read it.

My recommendation is Mr. Hiroto Onishi's books. His explanation about English grammers are fantastic. Now I'm reading three books of his. I want to read "Grammer in Use" you recommended the other day, but I'm afraid it is a bit difficult for me...

Thank you for your comment.
I've just checked it on the Internet. Yeah, it looks interesting, does it. I'll look for it at the library. Thank you for your suggestion!

Hi! Rosily-san! Do you enjoy this summer?
My son doesn't want to go to library with me any more...so sad!

I recommend you Dr.Seuss's picture book. I read 「きみのいくみち」(translated into Japanese) 
If you can find an English version, you and your son will enjoy it.

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