His great step forward

My sister-in-law's family has been staying at my parents-in-law's since last Saturday.
That night, my mother in-law gave us a call and told us when we would visit there because our nephew and niece, who are in the 5th grade and who is in the 2nd grade, had been itching to play together.

We were supposed to visit there this weekend and stay for a few days, but my son strongly asked me to go there right away. I knew his feeling and of course I wanted to do so. However, I'll have to work until this Saturday, so I can't stay with him. Then, I was curious to ask him whether he could stay there without us.

He said "YES! I can do that! Mommy! I want to go NOW!"

To be honest, I was surprised at his reply because he NEVER said that before. Last year, for example, I asked him about that kind of question. At that time he immediately said, "NO. I won't stay if you aren't there."

I saw his great growth in the casual reply even though it was trivial.


My son maybe do that sometime in the future....^^;

>>All of a sudden he becomes a good boy and softly asks me...
haha! Sounds nice. ;P

Rosily san...
My son doesn't want me to stay with him any more... Maybe you can call it a boy's growth...
He only needs me when he has a question about English. All of a sudden he becomes a good boy and softly asks me...

応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


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