Taking a drive and taking part in an English meeting

This morning I headed for a community center to take part in an English workshop, in which I had asked one of the members whether I would be allowed to participate. It was about an hour and half-drive from my house.

It was the second time for me to take part in it, so I wasn't sure whether the members would remember me. I was, of course, getting the fidgets a wee bit. On meeting the members, the fidgets disappeared. They very welcomed me as the last time we met.

During the meeting, I was really enjoying spending quality time although I made, of course, rudimentary mistakes in my talking. Anyway, I hope they cut me some slack. ^^;

Well, I hope they'll join our English meetings next time.


Thank you for your reply!
I'd like to add you on my site, so I've just done that. If you accept my offer, do you think I could talk with you soon?

Well, as for the lady you mentioned, I saw her name on your blog. Oh, is she interested in me? Wow! I'm honored!!!
I hope my unsophisticated skills won't disappoint her.....^^;
I'm sure she must be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.
"Having a party" sounds nice! If the day and time suit me, I'm willing to!




As you know, I'm a dye-in-the-wool English lover, so my attitude toward English often comes across as a wired learner. ^^;
But don't be afraid and come over to our meetings. lol


Thank you for coming to our English Cafe.
We really enjoyed spending time with you and it motivated me to study English harder!
I'm looking forward to seeing you again!

Hi, there! Thank you for giving me your comment.

>>I didn't visit you at all for two years, did I?
Yeah!!! YOU'VE SAID IT!! How come didn't you? hehe

Well, it's physically difficult for us to visit between the place where you live and the one where I live....If I visit you, the day should be my day off all day long.
As such we're wise to have a natter on line or over the phone. ;D

>>Tomorrow my son's school closes, so I believe I can have time in the morning
Wow! sounds nice! Tomorrow's my day off, so I'd be happy to!

Oh, my carrier isn't the same as yours, I think. Is that OK with you, concerning the fee?? Shall I call you on the fixed telephone?

Hi! My good friends are getting to close each other and I'm really happy to know you all had a lovely time together! My only question is...how come didn't you visit the town so often while I was there, Rosily-san!! ^^
Three prefectures are located side by side, but we definitely require driving for two hours at least. I'm terrible sorry to be lazy about this, Rosily-san... I didn't visit you at all for two years, did I? Sometime I still find it difficult to be free without my kids... Give me another three years or so, then, I can visit you!
I heard that Alison's school may be closed in the future. Is that true??? Mom's is okay? Is everyone fine to be together? I don't know much about what's happening in Fukuoka without you. Please fill me in the specific when you have time. And of course! I'd love to talk to you on the phone! Tomorrow my son's school closes, so I believe I can have time in the morning, say, for one hour or so? How about you? Are you busy with work?

Thank YOU! ぴっぴさん I love to meet new people and whoever has been enamored of English, so I'm so gratified that we met and brushed up on our skills together.

Yes!!! Please feel free to come over! We're always welcome you. :D

P.S I also love to take a drive, so never mind! In fact, I didn't use an express way on my way there, while I did it on the return.

Thank you for coming to our meeting! We were really enjoyed the lovely time e-348
I'm afraid that it deserved your "an hour and half drive"(very far!)
I want to follow your example, like possitive attitude toward English and steady efforts.

Next time, I'll visit your English meeting as a traveling fencer(笑).

応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


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