Oh, gosh! Again!?

Last month I took TOEIC test. Today I got the result....


I'm not, of course, satisfied with the result at all because I've been endeavoring to attain one of my goals-to get 900 or over-; nevertheless, I've still been struggling there.....

As for the listening, I must shore it up. I'm by way of catching and understanding; however, actually I must have slipped out. I'm brushing up on my listening skills from scratch.
Look at the bright side. Regarding the reading, I got my best score. ( That was the reason why I pasted the score from the TOEIC web site.)

Anyway, I MUST pull out all the steps to attain the goal!


Thank you so much!! I'm really encouraged thanks to your comments.
Yeah, as you know, there's no end regarding study, so I'm keeping at it!
Thanks a bunch^^

Well, as for the function, try it! I'm sure you can easily so it.

I cant say I'm wrong! Of course you did pretty well!
You said it was poor, but there are many people with scores under of yours, and you know, I'm one of them!
I can tell you this, you have a good command of English. You dont have to feel ashamed at all.
Thanks for the tip, BTW. I think I can do that next time!

Hi, friend! Thank you for your comment.
What!? "You did it"!? Are you kidding! NO WAY! lol www
I'm so happy to get such a warmhearted comment, but actually I should be ashamed of my poor skills.

Well, as for pasting it, it's not confusing at all. I'm sure your PC has the function called paint. (If you can't find it, try to type "ペイント" on the search bar.)

Look at the following.

1, 切り取るサイトにて、キーボードのfn + Prt Scを押す。(ここで画面には何も表示されません)
2, ペイントを起動し、張り付ける
3, 切り取りたい部分を“切り取る”
4, あとはfc2サイトにて、画像を保存しこちらにアップすればOK

あくまでも私のやり方なので、もっと簡単な方法があるかもしれませんが、、、^^; ネットでも“プリントスクリーン”のキーワードで、基本のやり方が出てきますよ^^v

Uh...といってるけど、You did it! This is not bad at all, considering how busy you had been. Now I'm pretty curious how you pasted the image of the score on this site. It looks beautiful. I don't know how, but I'd like to do it next time. Is it confusing???

応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


Author: VibrantRose TOEIC 935 (2018.4) TESOL認定講師