It's a long way to go.

Ever since I contacted one of my fellows English-lover, I'd been fidgety. We'd planned to have a natter through Skype. I've visited her English workshops a few times, at that time I asked her to do so.
In fact, we were supposed to chat yesterday, but it was postponed due to her matter.

Finally I chatted with her today. As I had expected, she's well-educated. I was immediately mesmerized by her deliberate speaking. I should emulate her to improve my skills.
During our chat, I gave a few pieces of information about online lessons thanks to her and I realized how poor my English was.... I must shore it up as I mentioned it before.

Anyway, it was time well spent. I hope we'll have a natter soon.


Hi, there.
Thanks for your reply!
Yeah! We try it! Whenever I'm free, I'll pester you. hehehe

Hi! Did you enjoy the Halloween party?
Wow! Sounds interesting! Why don't we try it? As you mentioned, this article is short and easy to read. I think it's a good material for a brief discussion. Please tell me when you are available. またお邪魔します~~。

Hi, friend!
Hey! It's YOU!!! I'm marveled at your speaking. I mean What a wonderful speaking! It's true!! I'm so embarrassed at my poor English at the same time....--; Even though I'm so talkative that you couldn't stop my speaking....

Well, thank you for the information. I've just visited the site and found out that it was easy to read. I know, of course, they're all journals related to Japan, as such I can do that without any stress.
Anyway, why don't we discuss an article we pick up next time?

I have to add this information.
My online teacher often sends me some articles in the "JapanToday online".  では、またね!

Hello! It's me. Who is this person in your journal??? 7:3でRosilyさんが喋ってましたでe-348
Anyway, I really appreciate your suggestion. I couldn't believe that we talked almost for two hours! Your attitude toward English is really inspiring! It is I who have to emulate you to improve my skills. I hope we'll have a natter, too!

Thank you for visiting here.
I'm so relieved to hear that. As you already know, things aren't changed "immediately", they're, however, getting better gradually, I bet.

You're not alone. We're always stay with you.^^



応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


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