We met again

Ever since I had a natter with one of my fellow English-lovers, I'd been longing for doing again. At that time I hit upon the idea we would discuss an article, and we decided to get a shot for our next chat on Skype.

Today was that day. On getting a call from her, I started having a natter as usual.
After about an hour chatting, we got down to the article she had sent me. The article was about McDonald's home delivery service. I've watched the news on TV before by chance, so I was intrigued to discuss it.

I felt fulfilled after hanging up. I really appreciate she squeezed into her schedule for this chat meeting even though she's been inundated with her work and so forth.

Next time it'll be my turn to pick up an aricle.


Hello, Thank you for your comment.
I know you've already had a large vocabulary, so I'm not sure my example will suffice for you to attain your goals.... I hope it'll work well...^^

I've yet to pick up, anyway, I'll let you know as soon as I send you.

Hi! I really enjoyed having a natter with you! Following your example, I will try to expand my vocabulary and use it as much as I can. Thank you for managing to find time to talk.
I'm looking forward to the next meeting. What article will you choose???

応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


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