Terrible skin condition

I admit that my skin is so sensitive to additive cosmetics and too much stress that it easily has troubles.

When I was a worker (after getting married), for instance, I arrived at my house around 11 p.m every night and got down to preparing dinner and doing household chores. I was in my 20's and I had confidence in my health, so I didn't notice that a lot of stress and exhaustion would cause trouble with my health, my skin in particular, at that time. However, when one year passed, my body was sending an alert to me by causing trouble with my skin. The terrible symptoms were a bad case of eczema with my hands and a rough skin. I realized that I had been exhausted and needed plenty of rest. After considering, I quit my old job.

Since then, my skin has been sensitive to exhaustion, stress and so forth. I can say it's an indicator of my health.
(I know, as a woman, hormone imbalance around the period is one of the causes.)

Well, these days the skin of my face is definitely a terrible condition...I've been suffering from skin rushes around my eyes and some eruptions for a couple of weeks. When I noticed these troubles, right away I changed my old cosmetics for additive-free ones. To add to that, I put on lighter makeup than before and checked my eating habit again.

Aw.........> < Anyway, for Heaven's sake, help me!!



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Author: VibrantRose TOEIC 935 (2018.4) TESOL認定講師