Santa Claus came here!!

Every winter many parents have been tied up with preparations for New Year, Xmas and so forth. I'm one of them.

A couple of weeks before Christmas I started looking into what my son's interested in. As he gets older, his interests are changing. When he was a kindergartner, for instance, he was into Power Rangers such as Kamen Rider. After entering elementary school, he was absorbed in Pokemon. Now he's fascinated with One Peace
ONE PIECE FILM Z オフィシャル ムービーガイド (集英社ムック)ONE PIECE FILM Z オフィシャル ムービーガイド (集英社ムック)
尾田 栄一郎

, Inazuma Eleven
劇場版イナズマイレブンGOvsダンボール戦機W 上 (小学館ジュニアシネマ文庫)劇場版イナズマイレブンGOvsダンボール戦機W 上 (小学館ジュニアシネマ文庫)
村松 哲次、冨岡 淳広 他

and Danboru Senki
I'm not familiar with comic books nor Japanimation. However, it's true I'm getting "the knowledge" of them thanks to him.^^;

I got several goods of One Piece such as pencils, a notebook, an eraser and so on. He still believes in Santa Clause, so I wrapped them and wrote a message in English as if Santa Clause did. After that, I put them under our Christmas tree after he fell into a deep sleep.
Incidentally, he put some cookies and a glass of milk near his bed.

Well, this morning I woke up before he got up as usual. But I pretended that I was sleeping. Shortly after that, he woke up and murmured, " Did Santa come here?". I, of course, still made believe and kept my ears open. I used to put some presents near his bed, so at first he was shocked to see that there were NO present around there. In fact, he said "Aw..........He.....didn't....." But instantly he rushed to the living room, saying " They might be there..."

Yes, he found them with excitement. As you can easily imagine, he was back to the bedroom and said to me, " Hey!!! Mom!! Wake Up!! Santa Clause came here!!! He ate the cookies and drank some milk I put last night!!! Hurray!!!!"

Whew!! All my efforts paid




応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


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