An English day

I had planned to contact one of my fellow English-lovers afternoon to practice speaking and discussing an article in English.
This morning, I had a whim to visit the Free Talk class in which I used to take part. During the holiday season in Japan I didn't manage to have spare time, nor to squeeze into my schedule.

The holiday season was over and my family got back to our usual lives. As such I decided to visit there. It was the first time to visit in several months; nevertheless, the teacher welcomed me as usual. Luckily there was only me except for her. I could monopolized her during the class!!! Lucky me!!

After the class, I went back home after dropping in at a supermarket. Then I turned on my PC and contacted her on time we had planned. On starting to have a chat, as you already know, I couldn't stop....^^; After our chat, we got down to discussing the article I had sent her. The article was about gun control in the US. As for the issue, it's true American people are divided between the pros and cons, and it seems to a long and excruciating way to go.

I felt fulfilled since I could immersed myself in English almost all day long!!!
Thanks a bunch, my friend!!!


Lucky you!!
Hi, friend!
Thank you is my word, Pippi-san^^ I was so thrilled to have our chat meeting that you might have been overwhelmed somewhat. ^^;

Wow, lucky you, too!!! Well, I was sure you could grasp it since you have enough skills to do so.^^b

I'm looking forward to the next meeting!

Vibrant Roseさん、
It is I that have to say "Thank you." I could talk English almost for two and half hours with you and the online teacher on that day. Lucky me! I thought the article was a little bit long and hard when I see it first, but we could do it! Can I say, "Two heads are better than one."? I'll send you the next article, please wait for it.

応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


Author: VibrantRose TOEIC 935 (2018.4) TESOL認定講師