Getting tongue-tied

To improve my English skills, I regularly have an English workshop with one of my fellow English-lovers on Skype. We usually catch up with each other and get down to discussion on the article either of us choose.

This time she chose,

Why the Environmental Buzzword will be resilience

She picked it up from TIME, which carries challenging articles for me to grasp them. Starting to read it, I was a wee bit petrified with some figurative expressions. Having said that, it was rewarding to read and I tried to grasp it.

I'm ashamed to say, I've not managed to study English recently due to my family matter. Even though I got some spare time, I couldn't concentrate because of the matter pestering my mind. As such today's my speaking was the most terrible one....(I know, of course, my speaking isn't perfect even though I'm on the roll.)

Switch myself whenever I get down to something!



Hi, friend. Thank you for informing me.

Well, as for the time, I don't care at all. The days I can fix, of course, depend on my work, though...
Please feel free to let me know whenever you have spare time.^^

Sorry for my inconvenience... I've been trying to have time with you on Skype, but somehow I've been tied up with some appointments. I talked with EmiEmi-ru san for almost two hours this afternoon. I think I can be more flexible in the afternoon. You cannot be with me after noon, can you?

Thank you is my word! Pippi-san^^
I had quality time with you and learned new words thanks to the article.

Well, as for our English confab in Fukuoka, yes it's that day. I hope I'll meet you and the other members there. We're always welcoming all members!

It seems somewhat hard to switch myself, but I'll wait and see, mentioning my insistence. I really appreciate you gave me your actual opinion.

Again, thank you so much.^^

Hello! Thank you for the last English confab!!( I used it, too!) It was hard due to my choice, but rewarding, I believe. And Thank you for an attractive offer, again! On January 30th? I'll ask the other members whether they are available.
"Switch myself whenever I get down to something!".... a good phrase! Too much concerns will rust our hearts. Believe in yourself!

応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


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