Is my English so bad!?

As I've mentioned a few times, I've been curious to take online lessons. I have difficulty finding the best school or teacher, so I try to take the lessons getting my attention.

This afternoon I took a trial lesson. The teacher, who is from America, lives in Japan and runs his own English school, including online lessons. I thought our Skype condition would be good and clear. In addition, the tuition is reasonable compared to other schools who have native English speakers. As such I thought I would sign up for the class if I would be satisfied with the teacher and his (trial) lesson.

At the beginning of the lesson, we started to chat. At that time, he said "Oh, you're an English teacher, right? (I had sent E-mail to him beforehand, so he knew my job.) Actually I didn't understand what you said. Your pronunciation is not so good."
What!? On my gosh! Actually I was shocked because it was the first time that someone told me like that directly. Furthermore, just after the lesson began.
I know, of course, my pronunciation isn't perfect as I'm not a native English speaker. AS SUCH I've tried to practice!
During the lesson, he also said "When you're saying something slowly, your pronunciation is clear and good, but when you're `talking`, it's fallen apart." Oh.......I see....--;
I told him that many Japanese have difficulty pronouncing, so we're keeping learning. Then, he said, "That's why because many Japanese don't take the job as English teachers. haha"

Uh....I understand he has a point, but I was miffed at his attitude. I mean I'm not an English teacher but a student in front of him.

Well, as if I received the harsh baptism... It goes without saying that I was overpowered for a while....^^;


Thank you for your comment. I totally agree with you.

>first met
Yes! Yes! I want to say again. The problem is that point! If we have known each other for a while, I wouldn't feel or say like that. However, it was the first time we wet!
I'd say " Hey! Did we meet for the first time!?"


Well, as for my experience, I'd be happy to!



Thank you for your comment and taking your time on Skype.
I'm so happy to contact you and have a natter. As you said, I'm sure you can relate to me.

Anyway, I should ignore that kind of person.^^ I hope we'll chat soon!


Thank you for your comment.

As for his teaching skills or lesson, he seems familiar with teaching. I could leave it up to him. However, about his attitude, I doubt his quality of teacher. He seems good at discouraging English learners. Even though he knows my job, he should have been in a polite way. I'm not an English teacher but a student in front of him as I mentioned above.

Well, just after the lesson, I delated his account from my Skype site right away.


What a teacher! I know how you felt because I had the same experience about my pronunciation. It was a Japanese English teacher with a great command of English, but I cannot say she was a good teacher. Let me share my story on my blog. I've got to go to a volleyball practice in five minutes!!!

Hi! VibrantaRose さん。

Uh, harsh! How was his teaching skill? If you hadn't revealed your occupation, what would have happened?

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