Thank you for coming over!!

This morning I headed for the nearest station with excitement to pick up a friend of mine. The reason why I went to the station was because the friend, who is one of my fellow English-overs, came over to the English workshop where I belong.
It was the first time for her to take part in our meeting, so she was also thrilled to take part in it.

This time luckily there were 8 of us, including the native English speaker who regularly takes part in it. To add to the friend, another visitor came over to our confab as well. She seemed to have a lot of butterflies in her stomach and a wee bit overwhelmed. However, shortly after that, she looked calm down.^^
After introducing about ourselves briefly and catching up on each other, we got down to reading and discussing the article which one of our members had prepared.

It was about "Earworms: Why catchy tunes get trapped in our heads."

As you may know, time flies. In addition, schmoozing is in my DNA, as such it wasn't enough for me.^^ However, I spent quality time at the confab! Thanks all my friends!!






YES! Of course, I'll visit you soon^^
I hope we'll improve our skills not only on Skype but also at each confab!

By the way, as for the next chat meeting, I'll send you E-mail later.


Vibrant Rose-san
The restaurants were closed, but I think it means that I should visit you again! Haha!
Thank you for telling me your absence beforehand. It's OK! Never mind!
You must be thrilled at the brandnew car. This year, please come to our workshop by the car. We're waiting~~(^_^)/~

Thank you is my word! Pippi-san^^
I'm so happy that you finally came over to our confab and enjoyed yourself!
The only thing I was disappointed was that all restaurants I took you closed..TT Sorry for that. Next time, I make sure I'll make an appointment beforehand....Sorry...

Well, other members and I are always welcoming you and your members, so whenever you're available, please feel free to come over! Anyway, I'm looking forward to taking part in your confab next time!

Oh, one more thing. As for the event which will be held in the next month, unfortunately my new car will arrive on that day. As an English teacher, I'm so interested in the event and it's surely well worth attending, though....

Thank you for welcoming me yesterday. ( Thank you for driving me all the way!)
I was a liitle bit nervous, because I feel shy in front of strangers, but thanks to you all, I could get a lot of tips to improve English and have a good confab.
I really appreciate your kindness, for you listened to me carefully and gave me the thoughtful and accurate advice. 感謝感謝です。Please say hello to your fellows!

応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


Author: VibrantRose TOEIC 925 (2017.4) TESOL認定講師