I've been struggling

I'm always saying, but I'd like to speak out again here, "I've been struggling to explain Japanese culture and to that effect in English!"

This afternoon, I took an online lesson. My teacher speaks so clear and has an American accent that I can listen to her speaking without trouble. In addition, she's always encouraging me to keep brushing up on my skills. As such I'm so lucky I met her. (Actually, she's so nice that her lesson schedule is always full.)

Well, this time we discussed the following: Saitama man died During the lesson, she asked me about Japanese medical system. I don't have a large stock knowledge as to its system, but I tried to explain it as much as I could and why happened to him even though it's said that Japan is one of the best health services in the world.
In addition, I told her about what should be done in Japan and for our future.
As I mentioned, I can say what a awful speaking!. I was so ashamed of myself. There're what should be done in my speaking as well...--;


Hi, Emi-san
>>I believe it wasn't your English skill to let yourself down.
Thank you for your encouragement. I hope so. lol

Well, at first my teacher had thought an ambulance from the hospital would come over to a patient. As such she had wondered why that kind of incident happened in Japan.

I had to explain that ambulances are from fire departments and take him or her to the general hospitals which can accept. To add to that, paramedics must not have an operation as a doctor because of the law, as such it could be a contributing factor.
In addition, I tried to speak what should be done for our future and so forth. It was challenging, but rewarding.^^

Next time we're supposed to discuss " More senior partners uncoupling", so I'm preparing my questions and opinions. I hope I'll pull off!

The same goes for me! I'm always baffled whenever I try to give some information about Japanese culture, norm, political matters, medical system and what not. I believe it wasn't your English skill to let yourself down. I should say we don't get the specific about our society. We live in Japan. but we don't know Japan. Funny, huh?

I know the disturbing news!! It's awful. But this wasnt the first case, wan't it? It happened before, it happened so many times! I had an experience to get on an ambulance as a witness of a hit-and-run accidient, and I recalled that it wasnt a comfortable car to ride in. A 20-minute ride must have been horrible to the man...

応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


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