I'm sure she'll pull off.

This morning I was thrilled to talk with a friend of mine. She and I have been endeavoring to improve our English skills on Skype. Ever since I met her, I've been inspired as an English teacher and English leaner.

At the first half of the meeting, we caught up on each other. I know she's been swamped with work and chores, and she'll be busier next month. I expect she'll expand her skills and create her own career path. However, she's relatively wavering. I can understand what she's considering, but I'm sure that it cost her nothing to step forward. I would jump on the chance in her shoes. lol

Well, I hope she'll try it on for size at first.^^


It's my pleasure! I'm not sure if my words are truly good or not, though..^^;

Well, yeah! Go for it!
As you mentioned, we, working moms, have to take a deduction for dependents into account.
Uh.....If I were, I would negotiate with the staff or school as to workdays. They would understand our situations, so I would ask the utmost possible concession. I know I'm so greedy when it comes to English and any chance related to English, as such I want to have my cake and eat it... If it's impossible, I would take one....

As for the article, thank you very much. Haha! There doesn't seem special meaning...^^;
Well, I'm thinking of the day for our next meeting. I'll send you my mail later.

Thank you for your encouraging words!

Hi, Vibrant Rose-san!
Thank you for your encouraging words! You always give me good advice. Last week, I visited my new workplace, where the staff try to speak English as much as possible. Their relationships seem to be good. As for another offer, I have to think of the tax exemption. 「扶養の範囲内で働く」ってことの意味がやっと実際にわかりました。
As you mention, I will try not to miss good opportunities.
おっと、ところで、先日のautistic childrenの最後の文、nativeに聞いてみました。
Two heads are better than one...みたいな?




Your blog gives me a lot of energy. Thanks a lot!

応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


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