Have my skills been improving?

All my English lessons for this academic year will be finished this weekend. I was swamped with chores such as preparing their school reports, but one step is now behind me.

Now I'm preparing some lesson for one of my students, who is a high schooler. She's striving to take the pre-1st grade of the STEP test this June. I'm sure she has skills enough to attain her goal, but she doesn't have confidence so far. As such I decided to give my special lesson to her this weekend: The lesson is for the test. I downloaded the latest exam of its past test collection and tried it to comment on the details and give some tips. After finishing the reading section, I realized that it was less difficult than that of our text books we usually use.
I think she might gain confidence somewhat.

As for the listening section, incidentally, I also tried it. It wasn't as fast as TOEIC test. Maybe is it the pre-1st grade?
Anyway, regarding the reading section, I answered it without difficulty although I missed two questions, one of them was vocabulary and the other was in one of the fill-in-the-blank articles.
Have my skills been improving? I hope so...lol Well, I must slog at brushing up on my skills to pass the 1st grade.^^;


Hi, Yuko-san
Thank you for visiting and giving me your comment.

>Your English is much better than mine.
OH!!!!! You flatter me!! Flattery will get you nowhere. lol

>You continuously brush up on your English, inspiring many English learners to study more.
I really hope so!^^

I wish I could visit you and have quality time together. I'm sure your skills absolutely helpful to me!

Well, I'm sure you'd been busy to help your city, but it must have been rewarding, right? I'm curious to sign up for the international association in my city now. If I do, could you give me your advice?

I’m sure that you’ll pass the first grade without any difficulty. Your English is much better than mine. You continuously brush up on your English, inspiring many English learners to study more. Why don’t you move to my city right away to help me improve my English? ^^
Last night I finished translating for my city. It was fun.
Have a wonderful weekend.

応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


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