I got enough time, but...

I finished all my English lessons for this academic year last Saturday. You can easily imagine that I got more time than usual until the next school year starts. I'm, of course, supposed to give short-term lessons during my holiday, but it's not hard at all.^^

Well, I was supposed to be immersed in English all day yesterday due to the bad weather. However, my son had a high fever yesterday morning. I had thought he might have come down with the flu because it's been prevailing in his school. Immediately I made an appointment for his doctor and rushed him to the hospital.
The hospital is too popular to see the doctor soon. As such I made an appointment beforehand. In spite of that, we had to wait for about two hours!! I know, of course, yesterday was Monday, so the hospital was flooded with patients.
Anyway, after waiting long, I finally had him checked by his doctor. Fortunately he didn't come down with the flu. What a relieve! When we arrived at home, it was already noon....even though my appointment was 9:45 A.M....--;
Luckily the fever subsided last night and he was up and around.

While I didn't manage to have time for English yesterday, I had enough time today. After doing chores, I got down to listening to the English radio I downloaded on my smart phone and reading the English papers. To add to that, I took an online lesson afternoon. This time, it was challenging for me to speak about my opinion because the article we discussed was about a spiritual thing. What was worse, I got tongue-tied during the lesson, so I didn't manage to speak smoothly what I thought.....> <

Yes....as you can imagine, I can't be satisfied with it at all.... SKYPE ME!!!!!



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Author: VibrantRose TOEIC 935 (2018.4) TESOL認定講師