I started my lessons for this academic year this month. I've been trying to find time for my routine of studying English even though I've been swamped with work and chores. lol
Taking online lessons is a part of my routine.

Yesterday I took a lesson. My teacher and I discussed the article she had sent to me.
It was about "Mama-friendships can be deceptive."
Some moms try to form small groups of other moms with their small children. They usually meet to play together at the play-ground, at the circles for moms and their kids and so forth. They can exchange information of rearing kids, kindergartens and whatever. What's more, they can help each other when they feel immense stress. As such mama-friendships are very valuable. However, occasionally the friendships could be troublesome.
It's true that there're moms who give peer-pressure to other moms in their groups and try to get the upper hand of them. They're apt to compare or compete with other moms in brand-name bags, high-end makeup and so on.

By and large, after getting married and giving birth, we, moms, most likely feel isolated from the society. What's worse, we're taking care of our babies around the clock, so we're liable to struggle against our stress or fatigue. That's why we need some help, and seek connection with the society and the place to stress out.

Yes, I was one of them after giving birth. To feel refreshed and spend time usefully, I was looking for something clubs related to English because I wanted to improve my English skills. Then I finally found the current workshop and have not only brushed up on my skills, but felt refreshed up to the present.
Luckily there's no that type of moms around me. We have various backgrounds and jobs. We always respect our wills and each opinion, so any conflict hasn't occurred.

If we seek real mama-friendships, we should compare or compete with our old selves and always respect others.


Thank you for your comment!

It's true as for my notion of おばさん、おじさん。^^
We should call us "Madam". lol

Thank you for your reply. BUT their skins are much more beautiful than mine. えーん・・・My beautuful skin, please comae back to me!
Joking aside, I appreciate your comment.

Hi, Yuko san
Thank you for your comment.

>>I see smart people very polite to others in the office. They don't show off their abilities more than necessary. I like those attitudes.

Me, too! And I should emulate them.^^

Hey, come on! You're not! In my view, "おばさん or おじさん" means people who are always complaining or grumbling in many ways in spite of the fact that they don't try something by themselves, and who are nitpicking at others. As such, you're NOT.^^
Age is a matter of feeling, not of years.

I can't agree with you more. "Respect others" is very important, which each of us should teach every child. I see smart people very polite to others in the office. They don't show off their abilities more than necessarry. I like those attitudes. I wish my son could be a considerate adult like them.

I'm blessed with some chances to talk with brilliant girls and boys in their 20's. They bring me a lot of new ideas. When they start a conversation with me, I'm very happy with no reason. おばさんですから。。。><会社の子達は皆cute,cuteです。

応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


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