The way to learn new vocabs

Everyday I read some English newspapers..(Among them, Japan Times is it that I always do).
You know, every time I get several new vocabs. Of course, CNN-EE, some English circles as well. I know it's very very important for me to learn them by heart, I mean it's to use in conversation, however, I feel occasionally tough...Do you??

I don't have capacity of memorizing at once, so I have to learn and learn and learn.......(^^;)Unfortunately, I don't have enough time to learn, either...Then I reached the decision for the way that I took advantage of time of preparing for meals. If I've yet to learn some vocabs or phrases completely, while cooking I should do in a kitchen. Put the paper which I've yet on the wall or something like that..

I don't know if it'll be work or not, I'll try(^^)

Do you have any ideas??


I'll try!!

Hi, Sweety!! Thank you for some pieces of advice(^^) Yeah, I couldn't agree more. Even I can't have enough time, I'll try to learn a few words at least.
Keeping at it is the most important to brush up or improve, isn't it? I believe " making effort never betray to result " (^^)Right??Actually, I feel my ability of English's much up than before. ( When I was a worker or so. Maybe about 2 years ago.) I think.. thank to some English circles and a cafe talking class. I mean I have " places " where I can output or practice more than before. Also keep efforting in mind.

Well, to bear fruit I'll try and keep at it(^^) Thanx.

Hi there again! Well, it appears to me that you are really making a lot of effort in English everyday. I'm sure someday or somehow, you'll be able to see the result of your endeavors in studying English.
Let me suggest some other ways on how to learn more in English,
1. you'll have to remember at least 1 or 2 words per day just like
taking your daily supplements. Make sure that new words
must be used all the time.
2. Always think in English! (Sorry, but you'll have to set aside
your own language while you are on the stage of powering
English knowledge.)
3. you need to master the grammar usage. If you're not sure
about the correctness of your sentences, why don't you ask
your native English teachers. In that case, you'll be able to
recognize your mistakes little by little.
Anyway, the key words are "effort" and "practice"......(^_^)// Keep up the good work!!!

応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


Author: VibrantRose TOEIC 935 (2018.4) TESOL認定講師