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While I was putting up a few posters for my class at the community center where I regularly teach English, a middle-age man, who seemed to be in his 60's, approached me.

Here's our conversation....

The man(M): "Hi, Do you teach English here?"

I (I): "Hi, ah, yes. Are you interested in English?"

M: "Yes, I've been learning English for a while with some English text books, English radio programs and so on. But, I haven't found the best way to improve my skills yet....I've gone to English language school before, taken part in some English workshops and tried to get to know with native English speakers, but they didn't seem to work well..."

I: "There're tremendous ways to study English now, so I can't say `THIS IS the best way`because the best way is different, depending on the individual."

M: "Ah, I see..., so What should I do to improve my skills?"

I: "Uh... I think keep to learn every day, DO NOT skip, EVERY DAY. Even though you're busy or tired, keeping a 10-minute or a 15-minute routine, for example, will absolutely bear fruit. "

(After that, he continued to ask me what kind of the routine would be helpful. ^^;)

Well, I'm very often asked about that kind of question. I've also struggled to improve my skills many times and tried many kinds of attempts. Such of the question is always sticking in my mind.
Thanks to him, as an English teacher, I saw it in a new light that I should not only teach English, but guide or give unerring tips, depending on the individual.

Anyway, I hope my suggestion would be helpful to him.


I'm also looking for the way to improve my skills without pains. lol But, as the proverb goes, No pains, no gains....
I'd like to know her tips, anyway.

If there is a good way to master English without any hardship, I really want to know it! I know a German girl who can speak four languages. She is now studying Japanese. I am amazed that her Japanese is better and better. She has a lot of other things to deal with, though… I wonder how she is studying Japanese.

Enjoy GW holidays!

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