Give Me A Break!

Speaking of May and June, Sports day generally is held at schools in Japan. (Some of them hold the event in October.)
My son's school was supposed to hold the event today, but it was postponed due to bad weather. The rainy season has come in Japan, so I understood that it couldn't be helped. However, let me say one thing AGAINST his school.

It had been raining since yesterday, so I assumed that his sports day would be put off. In addition, it would be done that even if the rain stopped because the ground condition would be bad enough to be held.

Anyway, all parents would get the text message, which was its decision whether the event would be held, from his school around 6:15 A.M. As such I got down to preparing big lunch boxes for my family and parents-in-law just after coming back home from work. It was around 10 o'clock. When I was finished the preparation for cooking, it was already passed 11 P.M. As you can easily imagine, I was exhausted after that. But I enjoyed drinking and eating light meals (Maybe I should say bedtime snacks.) in a little relaxation.

Early this morning, it was around 6:00, I got the message from his school. It said that they decided to hold the event although the starting time would be delayed. Then, I got down to preparing everything for it.
During the preparation, it was still raining slightly and getting stronger. My hubby and I thought it probably would be postponed. Around 7:30, we received a message that it would started 9:30. Still, we doubted whether it could be held under the bad condition. However, we didn't receive any message but them, so we had no choice but to prepare.
Just before we went out, it was around 9:00, we received a message from the school: they said that they decided to postpone the event......

You should have decided it and sent the message sooner! If it had been raining slightly, I would understand. However, it was getting stronger, moreover it had been raining since YESTERDAY! Surely you could have decided it sooner. It beats me why you were so indecisive! Not only were we involved in the event, but our local residents and children's grandparents were also. (In fact, my parents-in-law were arriving at the school when we received the last message.)
I can bet, you had made an error of judgement!



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Author: VibrantRose TOEIC 935 (2018.4) TESOL認定講師