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As you may know, I help translate and interpret.

The other day a staff member asked me whether I could take on an assignment that I would make an international call on behalf of a client.
As for international calls, it's been quite a while since I made an international call. The last one was about a decade ago.
Now that I can use the Net or my smart phone with a camera such as Skype, I don't need to call.
Although wavering a little bit, I decided to take it on.

The assignment was to ask an international airline about the client's problem.
I made an international call, and told about the matter. They're Malaysian and spoke English with a strong Southeast Asian accent. I wasn't sure if I would be able to follow them, but I did it!. ^^
Luckily, one of the staff members kindly told me what to do. At that time, he told me his e-mail address, I wrote it down, and vice versa.
Right away I wrote an e-mail to find out about the details for the procedure. However, I didn't manage to send it...( Neither did he.) It was because of misspellings that we couldn't contact each other.
I made several calls and made sure of correct spellings...--;

Finally, I managed to send it.....Phew....
Thanks to him, it's all settled....


I'm happy to read your comment, TS san!

Yeah, even though I can communicate with them in English and understand what they mean, catching up each letter correctly only one time is the most difficult to me....--;
I know there's still room for improvement in my skills, so this case was very helpful and a great experience to me.

You, too!?
Yeah, as you mentioned, catching up their names is challenging to me.
Luckily, the staff member is very kind and patiently told me his email add. I was so lucky, right?
Actually, I failed to catch "d" not "b".....^^; I remembered he told me d for donkey, not b.
I retyped and sent it, then I did it. Phew.

Yes! That kind of experience is absolutely helpful to me!!

Hello.... Ye---s, I agree with you. Once in a while I need to make a phone call with people living in China, Malaysia, India or other countries.... It's sometimes very hard for me to understand what they say, especially people in India. (Sorry, Indian people that I'm saying that.) And other hand I feel so sorry for them that it must be very hard to understand my English. Even it is a very easy simple word...but it totally sounds different to me. >_< However, native English people have no problem in their pronunciation/accent. ショ~ック。

It's very difficult for me to catch what people say in English on the phone. People's names are especially hard to catch correctly... As for telephone conversations, I blundered a couple of times... As I asked a caller to repeat his name over and over again, he said, "Hey! Are you sleeping?" This insulting words were incredibly clear to me...><
At any rate I want to believe many failures help me improve my English.

応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


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