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When I took part in an English meeting I regularly visit, other members and I discussed "The Gal-Words employed by young people"

They use, for example, "Yaguru" means when they have an affair. Another example is "KS", which is short for Kidoku suru or already read through.
I'm not young, nor a digital junky, so these words are over my head.

Recently I read that kind of article in the English papers by chance.
The article said that Oxford Dictionaries Online adds these kinds of words and the latest ones to its resource. They are almost used by young people and digital junkies.
FOMO, for example, means "fear of missing out":anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may be happening elsewhere, it said.

Now that social media formats like Twitter are already popularized all over the world, I understand users create these kinds of words to put their comments in the limited number of words on the screen.
Still, these are totally lingo to me...

Have you heard or used them before?


Hi, TS-san

Thank you for visiting here and giving me your comment.
Yeah, as you mentioned, it happens everywhere now. I'm actually left behind, though..lol

こんにちは~。 I don't like those acronym/abbreviation words, either. People use these types of words in the text/instant messages, too. >_<;; It has been happening in Japanese language. Young people create their own words and share them with their friends. But no one else can understand the words. But actually that is one of the purposes for it. It's amazing that the new made-up words spread out so quickly and they can communicate with no problems. X_X;;

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