Shocking News

While having dinner last night, I was shocked to watch the news on TV: a train hit a woman trying to rescue a man who is in his 70's on a railroad crossing.

According to the news, when she and her father were waiting in their car for the crossing gate to open, she saw the man crouch down on the railroad crossing. A train was approaching; nevertheless, she rushed there to rescue him.
Her father, of course, shouted at her not to enter there, but she tried to help him.
A passer pushed an emergency button, however, it was late. The train failed to stop and hit them. Fortunately, the man was rushed to the hospital and saved although he got a serious injury. However, she wasn't saved...

If I were, I absolutely wouldn't do that like her. What a brave person she was!
The reason why the man was there is supposed to be revealed after he recovers. For whatever reason, I hope it's not a reason that he was going to commit suicide.


Hi, TS-san
Yes, as you mentioned, her father watched the scene. I can easily imagine he couldn't stand remaining there...It was absolutely beyond imagination...

By the way, I'm always encouraged to keep posting my journals because you regularly visit here and giving me your comments. Thank you very much!

こんにちは~。It is too sad... T_T... I read this news online. The most scary part to me was that it happened just in front of the father and he watched the entire scene. Too sad.... T_T Hope the father and mother won't be too depressed/hopeless because of this. May she rest in peace...... T_T

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