An Unruly Student

Ever since I started my career as an English teacher, I've been really blessed with students and their parents....but a student....
People who are in the same field of work as mine can understand what I mean: The student is an unruly student...

It's a long story, but let me share my story.
He has been learning English in my class since he was a kindergartener.
Back in those days, I wanted him to enjoy himself and interact with the other students through my lessons.

After he entered elementary school, I want him to enjoy himself, of course, but at the same time he has to do his English homework and tasks such as practicing reading simple English books.
Pushing him to be perfect is the last thing I would do. All I'm asking is to practice and do what to do.
When he was a lower grader, I overlooked his laziness to a certain degree, depending on the situation.
Each time his attitude was too bad or bothered other students, however, I called his mother and told him not to that. Yes, in fact, I have called his mother to tell her about what his attitude was like in my class several times.

As the saying goes, "Bad habits die hard"... His laziness and attitude has affected to his skills. I don't want to say, but in fact his skills lag behind several other students in his class. (When he started to learn, their skills were no different.) In addition, the other students have begun to feel him disagreeable.

To encourage him to keep learning and arouse his eagerness for English, I have tried to do whatever I can do. To add to that, I have arranged his homework or tasks so as not to lose his motivation.
However, he very often forgets them...Is he the epitome of laziness?

( Actually, in the last lesson, he forgot his task again, which was to practice reading a simple English book. Here's our conversation....

I> Please tell me the reason why you didn't practice. Just forgot or something?

S> Yes.........(nodding)

I> I see. I've told you a lot of times, so I think you might know what I want to say.. But I'll tell you again. You must do what to do. Not only you, but the other students are busy like swimming lessons, right?

S> OK....(nodding)

I> Did the other students forget like you?

S> No...

I> See? I never require all students to read each book perfectly. I tell you and the other students to do your best.

S> ......Sorry, may I go to the bathroom?

I> Sure. Go ahead.

(After he came back)I> So, did you remember what I said? What should you do next time?



Still, if he and his mother hope that my lessons live up to their expectations for his skills, sorry, got me stumped.
All I can say is that "as a man sows, so shall he reap."



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Author: VibrantRose TOEIC 935 (2018.4) TESOL認定講師