In a Polite Way

One of my fellow English-lovers told me about a useful site for language learners several years ago. Since then, I've been endeavoring to improve my skills, writing skills in particular.
Whenever I found new words and expressions in the papers, I've tried to use them in my entries on the site, and learned about more natural expressions or what native English speakers would say.
Thanks to the site, I've learned a lot of natural expressions. To add to that, I got to know a lot of people who are from a variety of countries through the site.

Luckily some of them regularly visit my site and have given me their help. I'm always, of course, welcoming first visitors, provided they correct my entries in a polite way.
In fact, some visitors corrected my entries without blue or red corrections. (Blue means their suggestions, and Red means errors.)
In this case, I could understand grammatical errors even though there weren't any colors, but as for expressions, I was occasionally confused: What was the difference between them? What was wrong in the original expressions? Did it just sound odd to you or something?

Yesterday I posted my entry as usual. It was long, so I wondered if someone would give me help. Luckily a visitor corrected my entry. (We got to know each other recently, and each of us added friends' list.)
The person was THAT type... There weren't any colors, nor any comments....Some of them were actually grammatical errors, but the others seemed the person's suggestions. As such I asked about what were wrong?
Then, the person said, "They're grammatical errors."

I see........... Is "let me share my story" grammatically wrong?
Most of my original sentences were changed into those of the person's way or liking.

Give me a break!

Right away, I replied that not all my sentences were grammatically wrong. They were your suggestions. Correcting someone's entries is not changing the nuances or expressions the writer had but adding more natural expressions.

A few hours later, these corrections were deleted, and my comments as well....
Deleting your corrections is no problem because of YOUR corrections. However, my comments should have been there! My comments are mine, NOT yours!

All I'm asking is that the person NEVER EVER visits my site.


YES! Your comments are always welcome! ^^

Well, in fact, two other natives visited my page and corrected my entries after that. One of them critisized my entry, but I insisted on my opinion. The other gave me his consideration.
Thanks to them, I felt refreshed. lol As such, don't worry, just after I replied, that was one of my past events. I'm very fine as usual.
(Maybe, you might have visited the site, though.)

Wow! You and your hubby visited Hawaii! I've been to Guam, but never been there.
Is it like Guam?
Immersing in a different atmosphere is absolutely one of ways to recharge our batteries.^^

Thank you for your consideration!

oh... nice!! you were waiting for my comment? :D  Don't get too frustrated about their responses. True. It's not nice that he/she deleted your comments. But hope you will forget about it and feel better soon. Here is a fun story... I went to Hawaii (Big island) with my husband last weekend, only for 2.5 days. But it was fun and we did a lot of activities. I did snorkeling and kayak and some others. Have you been there? Nice and peaceful place, isn't it? Hope you feel a little bit better now. ハワイはいいよね~。ジジ・ババになったら。。。いや、なる前に住みた~い!!

Hi, TS-san
I'm waiting for your comment! ^^

As for the student, he does like that at school, too. His mother said that before.
This Friday, I'm supposed to give my regular lessons, I hope his attitude will get better...little by little.

Considering the site, yes, whenever I have questions, I try to ask until I get it in a polite way, of course. I'm not critical of people, nor is critisizing my way but this time the person's manner drove me crazy....
I appreciate the person's corrections, of course. I've learned more natural expressions. In addition, I can easily imagine it took some time to correct it.
That happens a lot, so I don't care. Deleting the corrections, I got it. However, why my comments as well?


こんにちは~。。I was out of town this weekend and had very limited time of using the internet. Wow you posted a lot over the weekend. O_O;; Funny, the boy in your class always causes some trouble and disturbs the class. How is he doing with other teachers at school? Yes, I sometimes use this type of site to study English, too. They correct my mistakes and leave some comments. It is very helpful and I appreciate it. Do you ask grammar questions through this site? If yes, what kind? I do, but sometimes the native people hardly understand the real point of my questions and try to help me in a different way. But still it's helpful to me. ^_^ それじゃ~

応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


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