For Halloween Party

I'm supposed to hold a Halloween party for my students at the end of this month. Luckily more than 20 kids have taken part in my party each year, and we enjoy playing games and having snack time.

I might have mentioned before, though, I have been preparing for the party since the end of September. It might sound like it's too early, but it's actually not. I should think up a lot of games which entertain all of the students.
Some are upper-class students or junior high schoolers. The others are lower-class ones or kindergarteners. I need a variety of games for them. To add to that, I have to buy some snacks and wrap them up with Halloween-like papers for Trick or Treating.
It sounds tiresome, but I never feel like that. (Oops, I said the same thing last year. lol) Preparing for those kinds of things is one of my pleasures.

This year, a guest, who is from Germany, is supposed to take part in it as well! I want my students to interact with foreigners in English as much as possible. As such, I had asked one of my co-workers to introduce the guest to me for the party. She has helped Japanese classes for overseas students or visitors as a volunteer.
Thanks to her, the guest accepted my request.

I really hope all my students will be inspired and learn something through our interaction. Oh, one more thing: my party will go well, I hope...Please! lol


Hi!!! TS-san
Thank you for your comment as always!

Yes, yes! I'm thinking about my costume this year.....A witch?.....I wore it last year....
Do you have any ideas?

こんにちは~。"Trick or Treat" Ye~~s, Halloween is coming. What are you going to be this year? A witch? Do your students become shy when they see foreign people? People have started buying a ton of candies for Trick or Treat.

応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


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