My son is in the third grade now, and learns Romaji at school these days.

He doesn't get used to writing something in Romaji, so he's often confused which letter should be used.
The other day, he told me that he got English and Romaji mixed up. I gasped with surprise at the time. I thought it might have happened to a lot of students, those who are in the upper grades in particular.
In fact, some of my students, who are in the upper grades or junior high schoolers, often write spellings mixed with English and Romaji. A student, for example, mistook the spelling of "teacher" for that of "teacha".

For homework, he had to write not only some names but some sentences in Romaji. For example,"Hoshi ga Kirei desu" or "Stars are beautiful".

I wondered why they don't practice writing simple words in English as well. His school introduced English lessons into its curriculum. Frankly speaking, however, they're make-believe plays or games which kindergarteners might play. ( Actually, some say they're too childish and boring.)
Don't get me wrong. I don't mean they should stick to their desks and practice writing or reading English or grind a competent knowledge of English into them.
As they are getting older, they need to practice writing English as well as Romaji, I believe.

If I weren't an English teacher, I would be oblivious of this point....


I don't know why, neither...

Hi, Pippi-san
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Yeah, absolutely!! I think they can write at least their names in Romaji, but why sentences too? I don't think they need to practice writing sentences...Maybe they learn various patterns of sounds like voiced consonants, though...

In fact, I told my son that Romaji was created for Japanese who couldn't read English long time ago. In addition, even if you write something in Romaji, native English speakers can't understand what you mean. Then, he was surprised and said, "Really!? I didn't know that!"
I thought this would be the point which their teachers should tell them at first before teaching Romaji....

>>How about teaching elementary school students phonics instead of Romaji?

I can't agree with you more! Definitely they have to learn it!

I don't know why...

Hi, Vibrant Rose-san!
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I don't know why elementary school students have to learn Romaji. (Before learning English!) To tell the truth, I didn't like Romaji when I was a child. I thought it was not natural. Looks like English, but sounds Japanese.... It really prevents them from studying English. How about teaching elementary school students phonics instead of Romaji?

Hi! TS-san
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Yes. He takes my lessons and practices writing simple sentences in English.
As you mentioned, they'll have to learn English soon. You can say that again!
He says "It's tiresome....." ^^; It still seems challenging to him, though....

こんにちは~。。。So does your son like enjoy learning Roma ji? Is he taking your English class? It must be a challenging for small elementary school kids to learn how to converting ひらがな into Roma ji (alphabet). And later soon they have to learn English instead of Roma ji. At the beginning it must be a confusing for them. I remember I learned Roma ji when I was in 4th grade..., but I don't remember if I liked it or not. It was too long time ago. >_<;;

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