A Luxury Train

Have you ever dreamed of traveling by luxury train?

Today a high-end sleeper train, Nanatsuboshi or Seven Stars, debuted.
Take a look. This is its picture.


It travels around Kyushu for four days and three nights or for two days one night. It's a tempting travel, unfortunately, I can't afford to reserve a berth on the train.^^;
The highest price is 980,000 yen per person for four days and three nights! (It's for the most deluxe room.)Incidentally, the lowest one is 280,000 yen per person for two days and one night. There's a various of pricing, of course. However, all of them are beyond my reach...haha
Much to my suprise, its rooms are fully booked until next June, according to the news.

Would you try it?


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Yeah, I know the train. Aw....I cannot afford it, neither....^^;
Anyway, dreaming is free, so I'm watching its image. lol

What a luxuly train! Of course all I can do is just imaging it. I can't afford it! Speaking of luxuly trains, I'd like to get on the Orient Express someday, too...

Yeah! What a brilliant train, right?
Yeasterday I watched the relay broadcast, I was astonished at its gorgeousness.
I can't afford to book it, but I might have a chance to glimpse it running around my city.^^

すごすぎる。。。Yes, my husbands was talking about this luxury train the other day... He was impressed/excited about the gorgeousness. But I'm afraid once you have such a nice and rich time in your life, you don't want to go back to your normal days... >_<;; But no worry about it since we cannot afford it at all. 豪華すぎる。。。。

応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


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