An Ex-Coworker

The other day, my family went on a picnic because it was the ideal weather for outing.

We dropped by a Michinoeki or a roadside station, which offers local fresh products, places for rest and so forth, and were hanging around there.
At that time, a man drew to us and said, "Long time no see! Mr. and Ms. VibrantRose!"
I saw the man and found out who he was in a moment. He was our mutual ex-coworker!
What a coincidence!

When I worked at a hotel, he was a cook. We used to go bar-hopping with other staff members after work. He looked like a little bigger, but his smile and way of talking didn't change.
He told us that he took over his parents' restaurant and reopened it as his own restaurant last year.
We couldn't talk for a long time because he had to go back to his work. (He had his lunch break.) It was a short chatting, but it vividly reminded me of our old days.

His restaurant is located about a twenty or thirty-minute drive from my house. I think I'll visit his restaurant to bask in my old memories.^^


Hi, There! TS-san
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Wow! 1004!? That's amazing! I like to drop by them when we take a drive.^^

About the restaurant, it's a French restaurant. Yeah, having lunch or dinner when we go out is one of ways to recharge my batteries. ;)( I need to exercise a lot, though. lol)

こんにちはぁ~。I like the feeling from the word sound of "道の駅”. I found there are 1004 places of it in Japan. But I've not been any of it yet. What kind of restaurant is it? Japanese food? Italian? French? Going to a new place to eat is always exciting and fun, isn't it?

応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


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