Her Call From The U.S

Recently I got to know a Japanese woman who lives in the U.S on my blog. She dropped in on my blog and gave me her comment at that time. Ever since then, we've interacted with each other through this site.

The other day I was curious to chat with her on Skype. I wondered if she would accept my request, I tried to ask her. Luckily she accepted my request. :)

Yesterday I had some time, so I turned on my PC and checked e-mails, my blog and Skype. At the time I found her status on Skype was "Away".
As I didn't want to disturb her because of the time difference between Japan and the U.S, I just posted my short comment on her page.
A few minutes later, she called me! What a surprise call!

While I was talking, I was at a loss sometimes where I was...lol However, she was all ears. During our chatting, I got a few tips on how to improve my skills and I learned a new point of view about my job as an English teacher.

My English was poor; nevertheless, she took some time for me. :)
Thank you very much!!


Hi, TS-san
Thank you for your time the other day!
I got it! When I have time in the morning, I'll check your status on Skype. :)
I'm looking forward to your idea.
Wow, new project! ^^ Sounds nice!

は~い。。It was nice talking to you. It was 2 am here... so I had to keep my voice low, then you barely could hear me at the beginning. Sorry... Yes, let's talk again. Usually I open after 6pm or a little bit later on weekdays, which is 11am your time. (Winter time starts on 11/3, and the time difference will be 17 hours.) I have an idea, and let you know about it when we talk next time. It is about my new PROJECT... (大げさやな). それじゃ~~。

応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


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