Familiar Words To me

Last Sunday, my family took a drive to Yamagichi prefecture.

We dropped in at a shopping mall on our way because my son wanted to buy a comic book.
While he was waiting in line at the register, I was browsing in the bookstore. At that time a book caught my attention. It was related to the first grade of the STEP test, so I flipped through it. As it seemed a helpful and interesting book, I decided to buy it.

Yesterday I started to read the book, and study English for the STEP test with it. I was a little surprised to see that there were a lot of words I had learned from the English papers. They were actually familiar words to me such as concoct.
Even though I couldn't recall the exact meaning of some words, I vaguely remembered how they were used in the papers. As such, I could guess these meaning.

I found it a great help to read the English papers. :)


Hi, TS-san
Thank you for your visit as always. :)

>Was it a long drive?
Uh.....For me, it wasn't because I love to take a drive. However, for my son, it might have been a long drive.^^;

Oh, what kind of comic books did you hubby buy?
I believe Japanese comic books have mesmerized over the world. ;) I'm proud of our culture as a Japanese.

こんにちは~。oh.. you drove to Yamaguchi from your place? Was it a long drive? We (me + my family) went to Kinokuniya book store last weekend. And my husband got some JP manga books. And I got a LEE magazine. : ) Reading books/newspapers helps you a lot with your language skills. But need to find an interesting one, otherwise it will be super boring.

応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


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