A Witty Wife

As you may know, Koichi Wakata, who is an astronaut, has taken on a big role: He is the first Japanese commander this time.
I only know it is his fourth time to go to the space, though, I'm proud of him as a Japanese. He'll surely manage his tasks with alacrity.

I believe his role as a commander is not a cinch. However, he seemed to be relaxed when I watched the news on TV.
During the news he and his wife were having a short chat over the phone.
She said to him, " Hi, Koichi. Do you remember me?"
She has a sense of humor, doesn't she. ;)

I wonder if I could say like that to my other half....haha


Hi, there.
Sorry for my late reply.

As for the movie, I'm afraid, but I don't know...I'm curious to watch it, so I'll check it later. :) Thank you for your info.

"Coppelion"???....Sorry, I don't know, neither.....
Wow! doubled!!> <; Why do you try bulk-buying when you come back to Japan?

I'm looking forward to see the video!! ;) Thank you!

こんにちは。Yes!! I feel proud of him that he has such a great big mission of being the commander of the Space Station. Did you see a movie "Gravity"? Sandra Bullock is in the movie. The manga books he got last weekend were "Coppelion" (2 books) and "????". I don't remember the other one. The prices (+ tax) of Japanese manga books here are almost doubled of the original . X_X;; I made a video last night. This time my husband and daughter helped me. I will send it to you via email shortly. Have a great weekend!!

応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


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