I Managed To Have Time...

Recently I've been swamped with bits and bobs as well as my regular lessons. In addition, I often help translate. Fortunately, the staff members have regularly offered me translation assignments.

Although I regularly tried to post my journals on this blog, I didn't manage to have time for myself. Finally, I had some spare time! Phew!
Actually, I had to take part in a meeting at my company this morning, and I'll have to prepare for my next lessons. However, I squeezed into my schedule. ^^;

After coming back home, I checked my e-mails. I was surprised to see that a translation assignment arrived because I just finished another one a few days ago. The mail was that a staff member asked me whether I would be able to help on behalf of a regular translator today. I was glad to receive it, but this time it was an urgent assignment and it wasn't the way I usually translate: I had to send it back within a span of twenty-four hours. In addition, the assignment required technical knowledge and words. For that reason, unfortunately I decided to pass it up. I wish I would have more time...

Just after I sent my reply, another company contacted me. It decided to hire me as a corrector of English documents. Actually, I had tried to take its trial. When I had seen its advertisement, I had been curious to try it. Even though I'm used to writing English journals, I often make rudimentary mistakes such as "a" or "the".
I'd had to take its trial twice and I made a few mistakes; nevertheless, I could pass...
Luckily, I learned a few points that I often make mistakes on from its trial.

Correcting English sentences is different from translating and it'll be absolutely challenging to me....I might as well buy new grammar books for teachers although I have some books....

Yes, all I can do is to go for it!




Hi, yuko-san

Thank you for your comment!

Yeah, I've tied up with a lot of things...^^;
I should find spare time to refresh....
Anyway, It'll be fine soon, I think.

Thank you for your consideration. :)



Wow! You sound much busier than me. I hope you will be able to make more time for yourself and your family.

I'm terribly sorry for my late reply....> <;

After I posted this journal, I got another assginment. As such, I didn't manage to find time to reply you. Sorry....

Yeah, you're right. I should relax and have time for myself....

お久しぶりで~す。Sounds like you are super busy.Hope it will slow down soon.

応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


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