With Suspicion

Yesterday I went to the community center where I regularly teach English to give my lessons as usual.
When I arrived there, its manager asked me about the room I used last.

He said, " Do you know the curtain was torn?"
I answered, " Yes, When I entered the room, it had been done like that. I thought I should tell you or its caretaker, but I guessed you had already known..."

Actually, there are some sheets on which the caretaker stamps after cleaning each room. Noticing the curtain last Tuesday, I saw one of the sheets. The caretaker had already stamped it, so I thought the manager or other staff members knew.

He said, " I see... Today's morning- Wednesday morning- our caretaker told me, and I asked everyone who used this room. Unfortunately, no one knew about it, nor did they say, "Oh, it wasn't torn when I used it"
... So, I guessed you or your students did it when you were tidying up after the lessons."

At the time, I was miffed at his remark. As such, I gave a straightaway and flat denial and said, "Absolutely NOT! I prepare and tidy up everything by MYSELF before they come in and after they go out. Furthermore, I told them not to touch any of the posters or whatever.
When I used this room last, absolutely it wasn't torn. However, it was done last Tuesday."

I don't know who did this, though, I should have told him or other staff members when I noticed it....Aw....


Oh, really!? Sorry to hear that..hmmmm, yeah, that's strange, isn't it....This time I got both your comments.

Yeah, they didn't know.....Lots of visitors come in and go out because of the public space, so we can't find who did this...I learned I should have told its manager or staff members from this matter....^^;

こんにちは~。I've been trying to leave my comment for the last couple of days... but it had failed. I tested it one more time and finally it seems like to go through. Hmmmm... it was mysterious. So they don't know what happened to the curtains. Hope they will find it out and explain it to you.



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Author: VibrantRose TOEIC 925 (2017.4) TESOL認定講師